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山巅之城 第二季

City on a Hill (2021)

Showtime宣布续订Kevin Bacon及Aldis Hodge主演的《#山巅之城# City on a Hill》第二季。



主演:凯文·贝肯 / 阿尔迪斯·霍吉 / 迈克尔·奥吉弗 / 吉尔·亨内斯 / 格洛利亚·鲁本 / 约翰·道曼 / 里昂·罗宾逊 / 马修·德尔·内格罗 / 马克·奥布莱恩 / 麦克·道尔 / 阿曼达·克莱顿 / 马克·约翰·杰弗瑞 / 劳伦·E.班克斯 / 詹姆斯·杜蒙特 / 诺拉·墨菲 / 达里克·伯纳德 / Kevin Interdonato / Ed Kershen / Jonathan M. Parisen








Showtime宣布续订Kevin Bacon及Aldis Hodge主演的《#山巅之城# City on a Hill》第二季。



主演:凯文·贝肯 / 阿尔迪斯·霍吉 / 迈克尔·奥吉弗 / 吉尔·亨内斯 / 格洛利亚·鲁本 / 约翰·道曼 / 里昂·罗宾逊 / 马修·德尔·内格罗 / 马克·奥布莱恩 / 麦克·道尔 / 阿曼达·克莱顿 / 马克·约翰·杰弗瑞 / 劳伦·E.班克斯 / 詹姆斯·杜蒙特 / 诺拉·墨菲 / 达里克·伯纳德 / Kevin Interdonato / Ed Kershen / Jonathan M. Parisen
In the early 1990s, Boston was rife with violence. Police corruption and racism were the norm - and then it all changed in what was called the "Boston Miracle." In this fictional account, Assistant District Attorney Decourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge) comes from Brooklyn and forms an unlikely alliance with a corrupt yet venerated FBI veteran, Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon). Together, they take on a family of armored car robbers in a case that grows to involve, and ultimately subvert, the entire criminal justice system of Boston. —SHOWTIME
凯文·贝肯 Kevin Bacon
凯文·贝肯 Kevin Bacon
演员饰 Jackie Rohr
阿尔迪斯·霍吉 Aldis Hodge
演员饰 DeCourcy Ward
迈克尔·奥吉弗 Michael O'Keefe
演员饰 Salvy Clasby
吉尔·亨内斯 Jill Hennessy
演员饰 Jenny Rohr
格洛利亚·鲁本 Gloria Reuben
演员饰 Eloise Hastings
约翰·道曼 John Doman
演员饰 Guy Dan
里昂·罗宾逊 Leon Robinson
演员饰 Reverend Isaiah Hughes
马修·德尔·内格罗 Matthew Del Negro
演员饰 Chris Caysen
马克·奥布莱恩 Mark O'Brien
演员饰 Jimmy Ryan
麦克·道尔 Mike Doyle
演员饰 Josh Goshen
阿曼达·克莱顿 Amanda Clayton
演员饰 Cathy Ryan
第 2 季 共 8 集

第 1 集 Bill Russell's Bedsheets
When an assistant U.S. attorney overdoses and ends up left for dead, Decourcy Ward suspects Jackie Rohr's involvement. Jackie, in turn, goes after the BPD for a questionable drug arrest at Braxton Summit, a federal housing project. Community activist Grace Campbell recruits Siobhan Quays to work on behalf of Braxton and its residents, but their efforts are subverted as tensions flare between rival gangs.

第 2 集 I Need a Goat
As Decourcy increases pressure on the Justice Department, Jackie counters by looking into his adversary’s romantic past. While Jackie’s digging up dirt, Siobhan is planning ahead, focused on starting a family even as Decourcy remains preoccupied by the escalating conflict. Jenny realizes she can’t keep ignoring her mother after an unsettling phone call. With business at the salon all but dead, Cathy Ryan turns to an unlikely income source.

第 3 集 Is the Total Black, Being Spoken
Jackie uncovers one of Decourcy’s informants and hatches a plan to use him as a pawn to discredit the assistant district attorney. Decourcy stops by the Rohr house, hoping to get something out of Jenny that he can use against her husband. Siobhan receives some welcome news, in the midst of plotting her run for City Council. And her client, Kelvin Campbell, is released from custody, though he can’t free himself of what happened on Valentine’s Day. Jimmy Ryan, meanwhile, faces problems far worse than a guilty conscience.

第 4 集 Overtime White and Overtime Stupid
After seeing Holly in the ICU, Jackie reckons with the destructive consequences of his actions, as Rickey Townsend prepares to testify against Decourcy. With violence intensifying between the Copeland Crew and the Braxton Boys, Decourcy, Anton and Siobhan face off in the interrogation room. Grace, left reflecting on her role as a mother and leader in the community, makes an unfortunate miscalculation. And back at the Rohr house, Jenny makes fast friends with the mysterious woman from Belfast.

第 5 集 East of Eden
As U.S. Attorney Karen Shimizu tries to get rid of her troublesome agent once and for all, Jackie schemes his way into a new mission. At the Suffolk County Courthouse, Decourcy and Siobhan spar on opposing sides of a legal battle. Meeting dead-ends at every turn in the effort to help her son, Grace does something desperate. With a nudge from Maeve, Jenny surprises Benny with some rebellious fun. On the other side of town, Cathy re-ups her supply by going straight to the source.

第 6 集 Don't Go Sayin Last Words
With Anton on the lam, Kelvin struggles to lead the Braxton Boys and Jackie homes in on Grace. He knows she's hiding something. Sidelined from the investigation, Decourcy finds himself at a disconnect with Siobhan, as he seeks vengeance and she focuses on recovery. When Cathy’s arrangement with Isaac falls through, she pays a reluctant visit to old friends for help. Jenny, meanwhile, finally uncovers the truth about her new friend.

第 7 集 Apophasis
Assuming the involvement of the Campbell brothers at the Copeland territory shootout, Jackie confronts Grace, who can no longer sidestep her sons’ criminal activity. She is forced to make a terrible compromise. Resenting the outcome of a negotiation that he could not take part in, Decourcy finds comfort in the strength of Siobhan, who keeps her head even after tragedy strikes. Jenny insists on helping Maeve, whether or not that means defying Jackie.

第 8 集 Pax Bostonia
As Boston mourns another loss, Decourcy pursues justice in and out of the courtroom. Despite his maneuvering, Jackie discovers that he can’t escape his past, while Jenny decides to finally confront hers. Cathy says goodbye to the root of her struggles. Siobhan sets her sights on a new dream.
60 分钟


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