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不期而至 第一季

Life Unexpected (2010)

电视 美国 英语 剧情 家庭
莱克斯(布丽特妮·罗伯森 Brittany Robertson 饰)一直都过着颠沛流离的生活,辗转于不同的寄宿家庭,这个年仅15岁的女孩看透了人情冷暖。16岁生日这天,莱克斯决定,要摆脱一切束缚,独立生活。怀抱着这样的信念,莱克斯找到了自己的生父贝茨(克里斯托弗·普拉哈 Kristoffer Polaha 饰)——一个经营着落魄小酒馆,成日和损友们厮混在一起的中年男人。 .. 查看全部
莱克斯(布丽特妮·罗伯森 Brittany Robertson 饰)一直都过着颠沛流离的生活,辗转于不同的寄宿家庭,这个年仅15岁的女孩看透了人情冷暖。16岁生日这天,莱克斯决定,要摆脱一切束缚,独立生活。怀抱着这样的信念,莱克斯找到了自己的生父贝茨(克里斯托弗·普拉哈 Kristoffer Polaha 饰)——一个经营着落魄小酒馆,成日和损友们厮混在一起的中年男人。 让莱克斯感到惊讶的是,透过贝茨之口,她知道了自己的母亲竟然是电视台的知名主持人凯特(施瑞·阿普莱碧 Shiri Appleby 饰),而不明真相的莱克斯一直以来都是凯特和她的节目的忠实观众。毕竟血浓于水,就这样,为了履行为人父母的责任,落魄废柴男、精英女主持和古灵精怪小女儿组成了一个充满了违和感的家庭。

导演:Gary Fleder

编剧:Liz Tigelaar

主演:布丽特·罗伯森 / 施瑞·阿普莱碧 / 克里斯托弗·普拉哈 / 科尔·史密斯 / 奥斯汀·巴西斯





After 15 years in foster homes, Lux decides to get emancipated, which leads to her meeting her birth parents.
杰瑞·乐文 Jerry Levine
加里·弗莱德 Gary Fleder
大卫·佩默 David Paymer
艾伦·阿库什 Allan Arkush
布丽特·罗伯森 Britt Robertson
施瑞·阿普莱碧 Shiri Appleby
克里斯托弗·普拉哈 Kristoffer Polaha
科尔·史密斯 Kerr Smith
奥斯汀·巴西斯 Austin Basis
芭芭拉·科特梅尔 Barbara Kottmeier
戴安娜·帕夫洛夫斯卡 Diana Pavlovská
饰 Sophia Bacic
拉菲·格拉沃恩 Rafi Gavron
第 1 季 共 13 集

第 1 集 Pilot
After spending all of her 15 years bouncing from one foster family to another in Portland, Oregon, Lux as decided it's time to take control of her life and become an emancipated minor. Her journey through the legal system leads Lux to her biological parents, local radio personality Cate Cassidy and thirty-something Nate "Baze" Bazile, who had a one-night stand back in high school. Although they haven't seen each other in 15 years, it doesn't take Cate and Baze long to fall into the same contentious relationship they had as teenagers. However, when a judge decides that Lux isn't ready for emancipation and unexpectedly grants temporary joint custody to Baze and Cate, they agree to try to get past the arguments and awkwardness and make a belated attempt to give Lux the family she deserves.

第 2 集 Home Inspected
Cate and Baze are paid a visit by a social worker whose job it is to evaluate both of them and determine if they are fit parents. Lux is torn when her boyfriend, Bug, and best friend, Natasha, suggest that Cate and Baze may not be in it for the long haul and that Lux should return to her old life and the people who love her most of all. Meanwhile, Cate is pressured by the executives at the radio station to deny that she has a daughter in order to save her job.

第 3 集 Rent Uncollected
When Baze tells his parents about Lux, they insist on planning a dinner at which they can meet their granddaughter and Cate. Cate reluctantly agrees to go to the dinner and is further annoyed when her overbearing mother and neurotic sister show up unexpectedly. Meanwhile, when Cate hears about a gang fight at Lux's school, she immediately decides to have Lux transferred to her and Baze's alma mater, Westmonte.

第 4 集 Bong Intercepted
When Lux gets suspended from school, Cate does her best to convince Principal Dugan to give Lux a second chance, but, unfortunately, her efforts may have made the situation considerably worse for Lux. Meanwhile, Baze is insulted when he finds out that Cate and Ryan are hosting a radio station event at the bar across the street.

第 5 集 Turtle Undefeated
Off to a rocky start at her new school, Lux offers to throw a party in Baze's loft in an effort to impress the high school quarterback, Jones, and his friends. Cate worries that her relationship with Lux will never measure up to the bond Lux has so easily made with Baze.

第 6 集 Truth Unrevealed
Pressured by radio station management, Cate and Ryan reluctantly agree to let Baze join them on air for what turns into a public therapy session. Lux tries to get Jones to drop the charges against her boyfriend, Bug.

第 7 集 Crisis Unaverted
In the midst of feeling like he is being pushed out of Lux's life by Cate and Ryan, Baze wins the chance to compete against Ryan in a radio station contest and is determined to be the last man standing. Cate contemplates finally telling Ryan the full truth about Baze, but can't bear the thought of what might happen if she does. When Tasha tells Lux she may have to move three hours away to a new foster home, Lux decides to help Tasha track down her mother who is still living in town.

第 8 集 Bride Unbridled
Cate and Ryan are forced to put on a happy face as the hosts of a wedding expo, but the unfortunate situation becomes even more unfortunate after Baze and Math show up at the event. After watching Lux mope around the house for days, Baze solicits help from Jones in an effort to cheer her up.

第 9 集 Formal Reformed
Jones asks Lux to be his date for the Winter Formal. Baze finds a condom in Lux’s room, and thinking it belongs to Jones, shows up at the dance to try and stop Lux and Jones from having sex. Cate agrees to chaperone the dance, but being at her old high school for Winter Formal brings back painful memories about the night Lux was conceived.

第 10 集 Family Therapized
After Lux and Bug are picked up by the police for a curfew violation, Lux's social worker decides it's time to meet with Cate and Baze to reevaluate their custody of Lux. During a meeting with the social worker, Cate, Baze and Lux agree to put on a happy face to ensure that Lux isn't placed back in the foster care system. Meanwhile, in an attempt to show Lux that she supports her, Cate offers to find Bug a job at her radio station, but winds up disappointing Lux once again.

第 11 集 Storm Weathered
Lux is forced to face her complicated feelings for Jones when she sees him kissing another girl at a party. When a storm hits Portland, Ryan and Lux find themselves stranded at the radio station, and Ryan learns more than he ever knew about what Lux went through as a child. Cate goes to Baze's bar looking for Lux, but the storm traps her there with Baze, Math, Jamie and her sister, Abby.

第 12 集 Father Unfigured
With her wedding on the horizon, Cate decides to take a road trip with Lux to find her father, Gordon (guest star Peter Horton), who abandoned her when she was a little girl. Meanwhile, when Bug’s “friends” trash Baze’s bar, Lux invites Baze to join her and Cate on the road trip, allowing Bug some time to repair the bar before Baze discovers the truth.

第 13 集 Love Unexpected
With her wedding fast approaching, Cate must confront her true feelings for the two men in her life, Baze and Ryan. To complicate Cate’s already conflicted feelings, on the day of the wedding, Lux reveals something that threatens to change all of their lives forever.
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